Brazilian Peppertree Stalk Mundane Weevil, Apocnemidophorus pipitzi

Brazilian Peppertree Stalk Mundane Weevil, Apocnemidophorus pipitzi

Into the Their state, where it had been create in the 1950s, Age. unguiculus is widely delivered to the Brazilian peppertree, nevertheless insect appear to isn’t sufficiently plentiful in order to honestly damage the bush (Yoshioka and you may , private observance). The fresh new ineffectiveness out-of Age. unguiculus due to the fact a physiological control representative about Island destinations will get become due partly in order to biotic mortality affairs novel compared to that ecosystem. Particularly, one or two wasps that have been put toward Hawaii to have traditional physiological handle of one’s sugar-cane leafroller Hedylepta (=Omiodes) accepta (Butler) was basically found assaulting E. unguiculus following it was released up against Brazilian peppertree Saskatoon sugar daddy (Krauss 1963).

The newest sexes off An excellent

Even though satisfactory physiological command over Brazilian peppertree of the Age. unguiculus was not hit regarding the Hawaiian archipelago, so it failure cannot preclude the introduction of brand new insect towards the Fl. Episimus unguiculus might possibly be a far better biological handle broker off Brazilian peppertree into the Fl whilst could be lead with the a good the brand new ecosystem in which biotic death out of produced and you can indigenous parasitoids and you may predators can be quicker serious compared to Their state. Server range research is actually finished, and you can a release petition is published to the fresh Tag from inside the (Cuda mais aussi al. 2019). But not, Mark don’t highly recommend job launch during the Florida by likelihood of visible battle that have indigenous Episimus spp., as well as the possibility brand new bug to help you attack cultivated pistachio on unlikely experiences you to definitely E. unguiculus emigrated to help you southern area California and you will Washington. The danger so you can nontarget bugs and you can plant life regarding Age. unguiculus could be occupation looked at with the F1 Sterile Bug Techniques (Cuda 2016). Creation of F1 sterile progeny might possibly be gotten from the introducing the fresh adult generation so you’re able to lower dosages of gamma light (Moeri et al. 2009). This would support observations toward endurance and you will impact of F1 larvae toward nontarget plants not as much as genuine profession criteria without risk regarding long lasting organization, once the people produced from this new F1 larvae are entirely sterile.

Studies presented recently inside northern Argentina (McKay ainsi que al. 2009), and you will southeastern Paraguay revealed the presence of several the brand new absolute enemies out of Brazilian peppertree. Among these had been two types of stalk dull weevils owned by the newest genus Apocnemidophorus Hustache. The newest weevils resemble bird droppings and you can quickly fall off brand new plants when they’re disrupted. People from Apocnemidophorus pipitzi (Faust) was collected in southeastern Paraguay and you will imported into a fl containment research within the . Predicated on Wibmer and you will O’Brien (1986), A beneficial. pipitzi is native to Argentina, Brazil, and you may Uruguay. A study of weevil specimens deposited on entomology art gallery of the fresh new Federal College or university away from Parana inside the Curitiba, Brazil, showed that choices away from A. pipitzi have been made in the usa from Parana, Santa Catarina, and you will Minas Gerais. pipitzi during the Paraguay try yet another country checklist because of it varieties.

This new thickness off An excellent

The people assortment in proportions regarding cuatro so you’re able to eight mm in length consequently they are grayish brownish into the colour, that have live specimens often searching a lot more rich and creamy than just grayish (Shape 5). A heavy plot off light bills is truly noticeable into the sides of your pronotum that’s shorter obvious with the bottom part of abdomen. Other parts of the muscles enjoys but a few scattered portion that have white bills. Around also are multiple patches regarding black scales along the elytra, which are obviously apparent around magnification, providing the elytra (forewings) a slightly mottled physical appearance.

pipitzi is actually conveniently distinguishable. Centered on C. W. O’Brien (personm.), you’ll find apparent variations in brand new rostrum (snout) and you will antennal installation in the people of A. pipitzi. The newest women features an equally rounded seemingly uniformly cylindrical rostrum which have zero difference between diameter otherwise curve within antennal insertion. Conversely, new people have a strong dorsal expansion from the antennal installation, in addition to rostrum are narrowed outside the insertion, strongly tilted ventrally, and you may dorsally hit bottom. This might be clear despite very small specimens. Almost every other species of new genus, particular very similar in appearance, don’t have such as for instance noticeable men variations in the rostrum.

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